Renzo Gracie Reveals Family Secret To Avoiding The Triangle in the Arm-in Stack Pass

Renzo Gracie Reveals Family Secret To Avoiding The Triangle in the Arm-in Stack Pass

The traditional beginner Gracie Jiu-Jitsu guard pass where you stack your opponent and put one hand in and one hand out and pass to the side is still being thought widely in BJJ academies.

Now, many people, usually beginners or blue belts doubt this technique as they are quick to say that this pass exposes the passer to a triangle choke since one arm is in and one arm is out. They probably have never felt this pass done by someone that masters it and knows exactly how to put their body so that the triangle is impossible to do. The passer is working the pass BEFORE that the legs can be closed for a triangle. It’s all about timing.

Most grapplers that go for this pass, actually bait the triangle by putting their arm inside the opponent’s legs. Next thing you know, your guard is passed or in some cases, you are being choked.

Grand master Helio Gracie shows this technique which is commonly known as the ‘Gracie Gift’ because the Gracies would literally show people to do this and then triangle them. Then when people would ask to be shown how to do the triangle they’d tell them they weren’t ready to learn it or that they’d have to pay for a private lesson..

Here is Helio Gracie doing doing it and you can see that anybody would triangle him, but can they really?

Renzo Gracie knows the details to this pass that won’t get you in a triangle. He finally revealed the Gracie family secret in this video.

Renzo says that you have to put your elbow down in order to lock the opponent’s hip, your hand should be palm up and then you need to circle around which will force the opponent to open the triangle!

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