Rener Gracie Makes The Push To Get Bullied Siblings into Gracie University

Rener Gracie Makes The Push To Get Bullied Siblings into Gracie University

Rener Gracie has been working overtime on social media lately – but something great came out of it. The Gracie University head found the following video online:

On facebook he even wrote about finding the kid and getting him into class stat. But it didn’t end there – the boy’s sister was also a target of bullying:

Update: This is Jamal’s little sister. She’s been bullied for months as well. One report said that she even attempted to take her own life. We’re booking her a seat on the same flight as Jamal, and and we’re going to provide her the same life-changing training opportunity as her brother. Both kids have dropped out of school and we have no time to lose. This family is in trouble, but with your help and the magic of jiu-jitsu we’re gonna help them get back on track.

Gracie went ahead and opened a gofundme page for the siblings.

No one deserves to be treated like this. Let’s help Jamal so if this ever happens again, he’ll be ready!

Jamal is a 15-year old Syrian Refugee who lives in the UK with his family. On October 25, he was violently attacked on the playground at Almondbury Community School in the UK. The incident was captured on video and is making headlines all over the world. Jamal has not returned to school since the incident, and when interviewed by ITV he said: “I feel unsafe everywhere I go, even to the shop. I woke up at night and just started crying.”

Our names are Ryron and Rener Gracie. We are self-defense instructors in a family that is credited with creating Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Even though we have never met Jamal, we have helped many children overcome the overwhelming challenges he is currently facing, and we know we can do the same for him.

With your help, we want to fly Jamal and his family to California to spend at least one week with us (maybe more) at Gracie University , so we can teach him self-defense and build his confidence through jiu-jitsu. The training we provide has the power to change lives forever

$8,100 of the $15,000 goal has been donated. None of the Gracie family members donated to the gofund me, as per the page:

We will be donating our time to train Jamal. 100% of the funds generated will be spent on covering the travel expenses.  If there is any surplus it will be donated to Jamal’s family. 

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