Rener Gracie Explains Decision To Distance From Ralek Gracie

Rener Gracie Explains Decision To Distance From Ralek Gracie


Ralek Gracie has had a tortured relationship with the community. After initiating the sports bjj scene and pivoting it into a new ear he’s been plagued by debts, bad business decisions and questionable statements. Gracie had said:

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and of course subsequently signed with Bellator.

All of these lead to his brothers Rener and Ryron Gracie distancing themselves. But in spite of initial statement there wasn’t much of an explanation beyond the leaked email.

Rener & Ryron Gracie Issue Statement Distancing Themselves From Ralek


Here’s how Rener personally explained it to Brendan Schaub on his Fighter and The Kid podcast and addressed whether he believes Ralek is fighting in Bellator to settle debts:

“I never heard him say those words, I think that’s a fair assumption from the world to say: “Hey. if he’s gonna fight over there then he’s gonna be making this money. Is he doing that to pay people back?”But without getting too much into it ”

Rener Gracie continued: ” It’s out there and the reality is that he had a business in Metamoris and that was his pilot business essentially. That was his firtst business venture of his life. It came off to a good start there and he got into some trouble financially and ultimately he has different reasons for why that became the case.  And as his brothers we always supported him and let him do his thing and you know I was there I commentated on some shows and we always helped promote the shows. Ryron saved the show a couple different.. He fought Josh Barnett on 3 days notice. ”

Rener continued: ” He had his run ins, challenges with different athletes who he was unable to pay or didn’t pay and that created a certain degree of controversy and I always kind of said. It’s his business, he can do whatever he wants…

The challenge was when he got me and Ryron involved in his business in a deceptive and you know irresponsible way.”

here Schaub intervened and asked to clarify the involvement. Gracie responded noncommittally :

” It’s a topic for a different discussion. He brought us into it, to the business and I was never an owner a partner or any business involvement.  I would just  show up smile, commentate. “

Indeed the last edition of Metamoris had very different commentary. Jeff Glover commented alongside Mackenzie Dern in what was very hit and miss manner.

“When he recruited our help in his business venture but did it in a way that did not adhere to basic rules of integrity and business integrity and fair…That’s when it became a challenge. The concern for us was if Ralek is operating this way with his own brothers then who wouldn’t he operate this way with”


You can listen to the entire segment where Rener addresses Ralek’s business practices that led to the controversial email below.