Reasons Why BJJ Should Become More Spectator Friendly



Source: blog.gameness

One of the biggest factors that has been holding back the growth of BJJ is that it is not particularly entertaining to the untrained eye. Even then, many BJJ fights can be so boring that it doesn’t really matter how experienced you are, you just don’t want to keep watching. It is important that BJJ becomes a sport that can be viewed by people that do not train. Combat sports like judo and MMA are so popular because anyone can watch them and receive some sort of visual enjoyment.

Although judo has similar practical benefits to BJJ, judo is far more dynamic visually. All methods of stalling are penalized and any continuation of it can lead to disqualification. Although BJJ may have some rules against stalling as well, they are not nearly as strongly reinforced as they are in judo. Matches are short in judo, and since all forms of stalling are illegal, judokas must be aggressive at all time and this creates relatively dynamic matches. Not to mention that the goal of the game is to throw your opponent – and it’s always exciting watching people fly, especially if it’s against their own will, right?

Right now in BJJ we are faced with positions that, although they can have practical applications, make BJJ matches too slow for non-practitioners to enjoy. Imagine you never did BJJ in your life and you saw two guys flop on their butts and interlocked their legs in the 50/50 position, you would change the channel after watching it for barely a minute.

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