Read Your Opponents: The Key To Success In BJJ Competition

Read Your Opponents: The Key To Success In BJJ Competition

If you want to win BJJ matches more often than not, then it’s a must that you develop a solid game plan.
You need to know what you want to do and how to get there – otherwise, you’re jumping into the pool without knowing how deep it is… Without a life-rescue vest.

However, knowing just what you want to do won’t cut it either. Rather, you have to learn how to read your opponents as well.
What does this mean? Coach John Danaher has the answer:

… Always read your opponent so you gain information of what he is trying to do so that you can first negate and then capitalize on his intentions.
The second you put your hands on your opponent you can read his level of physical tension and what direction his body wants to move.

Danaher emphasizes that you have to use this ability:

It’s like a a different form of vision and one that gives you real insight into your opponents game. It’s much easier to beat someone when you know what they want to do.

The best scenario is one where you know what YOU want to do and also what your OPPONENT wants to do.
When you know both you’ll be very difficult to defeat.


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