Rare Closed Guard Choke Shocks The Crowd at Local Grappling Tournament

Rare Closed Guard Choke Shocks The Crowd at Local Grappling Tournament

The shoulder pin guard aka the Williams guard is a great option which you can use from the closed or half guard. You have countless option using the overhook and from there are as triangles, omoplatas, chokes, etc.. What makes this unique is how tight this guard is. This is especially useful in No Gi. It is very difficult for your opponent to posture up let even escape…

In this tournament, we saw a nasty secret choke from the Williams guard that shocked the crowd. It is called a ‘Neil knot’ named after its founder Neil Melanson.


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Neil Melanson teaches that nasty choke from the Shoulder pin which your opponent won’t expect.

This is a position of control that can be heavily utilized from the closed guard.

This guard emphasizes control, timing, sweeps, and submissions. Melanson’s signature blend of multiple highly effective grappling arts and unique fighting systems will help you become a more dangerous and knowledgeable BJJ player. Use submissions and sweeps systematically, including Neil’s signature Neil Knot

Learn the Shoulder Pin System with one of the most seasoned grappling experts in the game Neil Melanson.

Master this tricky space-killing system to dominate from guard with one of the most sought after BJJ coaches in the world.
The shoulder pin requires ZERO flexibility and can be used by anyone to add a new and dangerous layer to your guard game.