Ralph Gracie Fires Kurt Osiander After 25 Years

Ralph Gracie Fires Kurt Osiander After 25 Years

Some stunning changes come from the way of the bjj Mecca – San Francisco. So what just happened there? Osiander has been very popular for a number of years.
Recently Osiander went on the Grappling Central Podcast and described just what happened. Short version?

“I was fired. ”

When prompted what happens now Kurt replied:
” When I was in Asia they kind of like threw somebody out who I f*cking held for value and a lot of people like … well you can’t throw it with him you know… ”

Further Kurt added:
“And now I’m f*cking jobless and branded a traitor. ”

reddit user fickledeedo shined some light on the specifics:
“TIL that Ralph Gracie sold his San Francisco academy to Gracie Barra. According to my friend, a top guy from GB, Joao Filipe “Jerry” Oliveira, walked in one day and without any warning fired long time instructor Jake Scovel and then began implementing a bunch of rule–no swearing, no music, shirts always, which the members were not used to. Joao Filipe would not let Kurt teach classes in the afternoons or evenings and hired another guy to teach them. So I guess Joao Filipe replaced Jake Scovel and Kurt with himself and another guy to make the academy into a GB. Kurt definitely does not fit the GB mold, got pissed and left or was fired. That is all I’ve heard and it makes some sense given the Podcast.”

The outspoken Kurt Osiander is one of the most well-known instructors in the world and certainly has a tough old school BJJ game. Kurt recently released his first instructional series for BJJ Fanatics entitled Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade where he teaches his no BS and hard nosed approach to BJJ. Now grab yourself a copy of Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade and be sure to add code ‘BJJEE’ to get 10% off!

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