Ralek Gracie Wants To Compete in CJI & Use $1 Million Prize Money to Settle his Metamoris Debts

Ralek Gracie Wants To Compete in CJI & Use $1 Million Prize Money to Settle his Metamoris Debts

The world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is buzzing with the latest announcement from the controversial black belt and event organizer, Ralek Gracie. Gracie, who has been out of the competitive scene for seven years, recently declared his intention to compete in the Craig Jones Invitational CJI +80 kg division. His goal? To win the $1 million prize money and use it to pay back the debts owed to Metamoris athletes.

Gracie made his announcement through an Instagram post, stating, “Finally someone has prioritized athlete pay (again). THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED and @craigjonesbjj is the new Robin Hood of Jiu Jitsu taking on the big boys and challenging the status quo. Ralek Gracie salutes the cause and is ready to take on the CJI +80kg division with all proceeds to cover @metamoris debts!” Despite the fanfare, Craig Jones has not yet commented on Gracie’s statement.

Metamoris, founded by Ralek Gracie, was once a beacon in the professional grappling world, known for hosting high-profile matches and bringing together legendary figures such as Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba. Historic moments, like Josh Barnett’s victory over Dean Lister at Metamoris 4, are still celebrated today. However, the promotion’s legacy was tarnished by financial struggles and allegations of non-payment to competitors, leading to its downfall in 2017.

One of the athletes still awaiting payment from Metamoris, Ralek’s cousin Clark Gracie, responded to the announcement with skepticism. Commenting on Instagram, Clark said, “Does that mean we will get paid what Metamoris owes us?” This highlights the lingering distrust and the significant debts that Metamoris left behind.

Ralek Gracie, despite his absence from the competitive scene, expressed a clear vision for the future of Metamoris. He stated, “My intention is to reconcile with all competitors and partners and bring back Metamoris sooner than later. I believe it will happen when the time is right, especially with your support.”

While many in the BJJ community are curious and hopeful about the potential revival of Metamoris, the path forward is fraught with challenges. Gracie’s decision to compete in the CJI +80 kg division and his pledge to use the prize money to settle Metamoris’ debts is a bold move that has reignited discussions about athlete compensation and the financial responsibilities of event organizers.

As the situation develops, the BJJ community will be watching closely to see if Ralek Gracie can deliver on his promises and restore faith in Metamoris. His return to competition and the potential repayment of debts could mark a significant turning point, not just for him, but for the entire grappling world.


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