Protein for Weight Loss: Why It Works

Protein for Weight Loss: Why It Works

Trying to lose weight? There are a lot of “tricks” that don’t really work. Protein for weight loss? That one is backed by science.

When you are trying to lose weight protein is your friend. Protein builds muscle and muscle kills fat. You can learn to use protein at the right times to speed up your muscle growth and fat loss. Take a look below to learn how to use protein for weight loss.


Think of protein as your best friend. It’s a building block for your body and muscle growth. This, in turn, helps you lose fat.

If you take the right levels of protein, it will speed up your metabolism, curb your appetite, and help you lose weight without losing precious muscle. Proteins are both simple and complex with how they operate in your body.

The simplest way to think about protein is that it builds muscle. The two proteins powders that are best for that are Whey and Casein protein.

When looked at in a more complex way, proteins bind sites of various enzymes, nutrients, and hormones. They help release hydrogen ions in your body which regulated your body’s acid level.

When is the Best Time to Take Protein?

The first rule you need to follow is to always have some form of protein with every meal.

Whether you prefer animal or plant-based proteins, timing is extremely important when you want to use protein for fat loss while maintaining the muscle you worked so hard for in the gym.

The best way to go about your protein intake is to follow these three steps:

  • First Thing in the Morning
  • Before and After a Workout
  • One-Two Hours Before Bed

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are a great way to get protein into your system quickly. Sometimes you don’t have time for a meal and supplementing your weight loss program with protein shakes in necessary.

You can use the benefits of a pre-training protein shake to jumpstart your training program every day. When you drink a protein shake before the gym you’re priming your body for optimal muscle growth and fat loss.

When considering a pre-training workout shake you’ll want to have both whey and casein protein. Whey protein is absorbed quickly into the body and casein burns slow.

The casein will last throughout your workout and make sure your muscles have the protein and amino acids for optimal growth. This will also promote weight loss.

After a workout, you’ll want to have a Whey protein shake within 15-30 minutes after you finish. This is when your muscles are primed for growth and it will help your body lost fat.

Some other forms of protein you can consider are hemp, rice, and pea protein. They are plant-based and break down easily in the body. Soy is another choice, however, soy is best for ladies since it can promote estrogen in the body.

Protein for Weight Loss

Following a regular exercise program and using the right protein for weight loss will keep you happy and healthy.

It’s scientifically proven that protein provides great benefits for a weight loss program and now you can use those benefits to reach your goals.

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