Pros and Cons of Learning BJJ Online

Pros and Cons of Learning BJJ Online

Condemned by some, encouraged by others, online learning has been a relatively new trend that started with Gracie University. There are several websites that offer videos with BJJ techniques and concepts. Several BJJ Top players have created such online learning systems. Marcelo Garcia has one, Xande and Saulo Ribeiro have the BJJ Library, the Mendes brothers have one, etc.

You have the excellent online instructional resource BJJ Fanatics which features the best instructors in the world such as Danaher, Fabio Gurgel, Galvao, Bernardo Faria, Tom DeBlass, etc…

There is also a new open source online learning BJJ website called WatchBJJ.com which is 100% free and provides all the best technique videos from the masters, intelligently categorized by positions.

Pro’s : 

  • They allow you to review a technique and analyze it from different angles. Perhaps you didn’t get to see a technique too well when your teacher was teaching it. With online learning you can view a video and review it as many times as you need.
  • Provides the expertise of renowned BJJ players around the world. Getting expertise in the area of speciality of a renowned BJJ player can help you develop your game. For example, what better source is there of learning the Worm Guard than Keenan Cornelius? Or to learn the Torreanda from Leandro Lo? It’s always good to learn things from the source, or as close as possible to it.
  • Allows you to see techniques on demand, whenever you feel like, not limiting you to the schedule of your BJJ Classes.
  • Provides students with a learning plan according to your belt. White belts might find this particularly useful so they can focus on the basics, before venturing further into complex techniques.
  • More than technique, you also get an insight into a champion’s mind: Strategy for competition is something that is of huge value. Strategy is very rarely taught by instructors or by Youtube. For example on BJJ Library, Saulo Ribeiro often analyses set positions and what to do in a competition setting, based on his vast experience.
  • You can get advice from champions regarding other aspects such as drills, nutrition, their strength and conditioning routines etc…
  • You can access to how renowned instructors run their every day raining which for an instructor is very valuable.
  • Some online learning websites offer guest seminars with of the biggest names in BJJ.


Con’s : 

  • Requires a monthly payment. Usually it’s around the 15$ to 25$ mark. This may be too much for some people, depending on where they live, social conditions, economic conditions, etc.
  • Best used with a training partner at your side. The most effective use of such online system is obviously with a partner right by your side so you can practice the technique with the video in front of you. This might prove to be troublesome as some people don’t have the space, some don’t have the mat, some don’t have the partner.


The biggest problem with online learning is not online learning itself , but how people use it. There are people who just use the online learning tool, without going to an actual academy .  This is where the problems start. No amount of online learning will ever replace live sparring with your partners.

Our advice? Use online training to complement your normal training. Not every online BJJ training website will fit your needs, so make sure that you check each one before making a decision. Review  techniques you need to improve, practice it at open mat,etc but never allow it to replace your actual training.


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