Pritt Mihkelson on Improving on Outdated BJJ Training Methods

Pritt Mihkelson on Improving on Outdated BJJ Training Methods

Written by Sportscientist Maciel Welko, Luta Livre instructor at http://www.lutalivre-academy.de/. A longer and more detailed version will be addressed in the book of the author of this article “Teaching and learning Luta Livre”.


Teaching competencies in general are neither a simple nor natural skill that one attains based solely on their level skill as a combat athlete. Teaching and fighting are two distinct disciplines and although you might be a good fighter, you can’t take for granted that your teaching skills are as well developed as your fighting skills. Teaching and fighting are absolutely not the same and competent teaching has to be learned. The requirement profile of an Instructor is multi-faceted. This short article intends to focus on the topic on differentiated instruction without going into all of the details. It should merely highlight one aspect of differentiation in teaching tasks.


What does differentiated instruction mean and what is this good for?

The basic idea of differentiation in your teaching tasks is based on the fact that your students could have a wide range of knowledge or skill levels in a single class group. Teachers and trainers who do not differentiate their teaching are limiting the learning of many of their students and athletes. Student’s frustration and feelings of over or under challenging are guaranteed in the short and long term. You do not want to be known as one of these teachers, right? Then differentiated instruction is needed in order to maximize the learning process of your students. It can be carried out by the organization of your class and the day’s lessons. Differentiation is integral if you as instructor or trainer want to achieve the best potential of your students or athletes and in a heterogeneous training group with a large number of participants this could be a very difficult task. However, the use of specific pedagogical and didactical alternatives as a support to your teaching activities and resources is not only a clever and wise strategy, but also a well evaluated and studied topic in the field of educational scientific research. Such interventions also support student’s individual learning, the development of self-analysis and reflection skills and can create a better comprehension for them about the intention of your teaching and goals.


Priit Mihkelson is a renowned BJJ black belt who has taught his style of defensive jiu-jitsu to thousands of people through his classes, seminars and instructionals.

He’s known for his unusual approach to teaching jiu-jitsu and is famous for structuring classes in such a way so that people come away from them with the techniques and concepts they can actually use right away.  He cover the topic of false positives in jiu-jitsu, programming a long term curriculum, and much more.

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