Prankster Challenges BJJ Instructor in Front Of Whole Class

Prankster Challenges BJJ Instructor in Front Of Whole Class


Barone, a famous Brazilian Youtube prankster went to BJJ legend Marco Barbosa’s academy in Sao Paulo and challenged him during a belt promotion. Barbosa has over 30 years as a black belt and once defeated Royler Gracie. Barbosa took the challenge very seriously…

The reaction of Barbosa’s student was something else as the prankster lay passed out on the floor.

Barbosa’s resume:

  • Brazilian National Champion (1997 – Brown Belt, 1999 – Black Belt);
  • 2x International Masters Champion (2000, 2001);
  • 5x Sao Paulo State Champion;
  • 3x World Bronze Medallist (1999, 2000, 2001)
  • He was also a member of the Brazilian National Judo team.



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