Portuguese expressions and slangs for Jiu-Jitsu part1

I you have had the pleasure of training in Brazil or had a Brazilian instructor, chances are that you may have heard many of these expressions and phrases. Even if you didn’t, Portuguese is such a cool language to learn and of course it represents our beloved sport of Jiu-Jitsu.

I can’t say that I speak fluent Portuguese at all but from being around Brazilians for 10 years (Brazilian instructors in France and a few Brazilian girlfriends), having been in Brazil, I mix French , Spanish and Portuguese which all have similar words and make it understandable. I found some article on the net which highlighted the main expressions. There are many so this is just part 1. We will also be covering Brazilian accents. Be sure to check out our article on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu nicknames http://www.bjjeasteurope.com/2012/06/guide-to-brazilian-jiu-jitsu-nicknames.html

I’ve borrowed most of the material from other sites so for further reading you can check out:  http://www.global-training-report.com/vocabulary.htm
http://www.bjjphrases.com/ and http://dirtywhitegi.blogspot.com/2010/02/portugues-brazilian-jiu-jitsu.html

Positions (Posições):
Side Control – Cem Kilos (literally: 100 kilos)
(Close) Guard – (Fechar) Guarda … where “fechar” is a verb

Half Guard – Meia guarda
Spider guard – Guarda aranha
Mount – Montada
Top / up – Acima (ah-see-ma)
Bottom / down – Baixo (bye-shoo)

Expressions and slangs

abriu o bicobe tired
americanafigure 4 armlock
atletaathlete, fighter
baianadouble leg (or Barzagar)
barato cheap
bichotough guy (beast)
bolsapurse, prize money
bombadoguy who uses bombas (steroids)
bota pra baixoput on bottom
bota pra dormirput to sleep
boxe boxing
boxe Thailandemuay Thai
cabeçadahead butt
cai bemfits well
cariocaresident of Rio
casca grosatough guy
cascudotough guy
cem quilos side control position (literally, one thousand kilos)
cervicalneck crank
chãofloor, ground
chavekey, lock
chave de bicepesbicep crush
chave de braçoarmlock
chave de pefootlock
chutea kick
chute boxekickboxing
cruxifixohell choke, “jigoku jime”
dar um rolaspar, roll
desfechooutcome, result
durotough guy
em joelhostarting from knees
em péstand-up
escovarwin easily, dominate
ezequielforearms choke
faixa frouxafits loose (undeserved belt)
faixa pesadafits heavy (well deserved belt)
fecha a guardaclose the guard
fugir de quadril“escape” the hip
gola rodadapass the collar
golpea punch, or other effective attack
gravata técnicaheadlock
guardeiroa good guard fighter
guilotinhaguillotine choke
joelhadaknee strike
joelho na barrigaknee on belly
joga por baixoplay from bottom
joga por cimaplay from top
kimuraude garami shoulder lock
luta armadaworked fight
macetosoa “technical” fighter
mais o menosmore or less
mäo de vacagooseneck wristlock
marmeladaworked fight
mata leaõkilling the lion (hadaka jime/rear naked choke)
muito bacanavery cool
pancadaa punch
passadora good passer
passa o carrowin easily, dominate
passa o rodowin easily, dominate
pedaladaheel stomp kick from ground
pega as costastake the back
pisãostepping stomp kick
pontapea kick
porradaa punch
mandingadevious, deceptive, misleading, unforthcoming
mata leãorear naked choke (hadaka jime)
marrentococky, arrogant
marrudoarrogant, cocky
meia guardahalf guard
murroa punch
passagem a guardapassing of the guard
passando a guardapassing the guard
passa a guardapass the guard
pedreiratough guy
quedatake down
quimono (also spelled ‘kimono’)gi
relogioclock (koshi jime choke)
saidaexit, escape
sangue bomgood guy
saradobuffed guy
soco a punch
tempotime (stop rolling)
torcidafans, supporters
triângulotriangle, sankaku jime
vaigo (start rolling)
vira de quatrogo to turtle position

Belts & Training gear:
Belts – Faixas (fai-shas)
White – Branca
Blue – Azul
Purple – Roxa (ho-sha)
Brown – Marrom (mah-hoom)
Black – Preta
Gloves – Luvas
Shirt – Camisa /camiseta
Shorts – Bermudas
Pants – Calças
Backpack – Mochila (mo-shilla)
Hat/cap – Boné
Speedos – Sunga … buy a red one and train with it in sem kimono, I dare you!
Gi / Kimono – Kimono (duhhhh!)
No-Gi – Sem kimono (seng kimono) … sem = without
Lapel – Lapela
Collar – Gola
Sleeves – Mangas

Useful terms:
Yes – Sim
No – Não … (a real nasally: now)
Left – Esquerda (ee-scare-da)
Right – Direita (jee-reta)
Prepare/Get ready – Preparar
Go – Vai
Stop – Pare … VERY useful if you can’t physically tap!
Stopped – Parou … Gordo would ask me this; if I’d “stopped”/finished with rolling or wanted one more
Been – Foi … I noticed alot of guys say this to verbally tap, the literal translation is “been” but if anyone can explain better I’ll update it
Here – Aqui (ah-kee)
There – Lá
This/that (depending how you use it) – Isso
Weight – Peso
Heavy – Pesado
Change – Trocar / Troco
Always – Sempre
Never – Nunca
Return/go back – Voltar
Is this correct? – É isso certo?
More or less – Mais or menos
Of course – É claro
Time – Tempo (heard at end of rounds)
Dominate – Dominar / Domina …. e.g. “domina o braço” (domin-ey oo bra-zhoo) = control the arm
Just / Only – Só … (s-oh)

Grip – Pegada / Pega …. e.g. “Pega aqui” = “Grip here”
Hook – Gancho (gan-shoo)
Push – Empurre (ing-poo-hey)
Pull – Puxe (pu-shay)
Pummel – Escrima
Hold – Segura … e.g. “Segura o posição” = “Hold the position”
Posture – Postura
Backwards/go back – Pra trás / Vai para trás … sounds like “partraish”
Lift / Raise – Leve / Levantar … “Levantar ele” = “Lift him up”
Get / seize – Pegar … so if you’re setting up an armbar and someone says “Pegar” = “Get/take it”
Calm – Calma … Self explanatory but if someone tells you “calma” they’re telling you to calm down.
Relax – Relax (he-lash) … same explanation as above
Turn – Vire … “Vire seu quadril” = “Turn your hips”
Straighten – Shika (not sure on spelling) … “Shika o braço” = “Straighten the arm”

Body (Corpo):
Hand – Mão
Foot – Pé
Arm – Braço (bra-zhoo)
Leg – Perna
Knee – Joelho (zhoo-el-oo … sometimes sounds like they say “joo-el-ee”)
Elbow – Cotovelo (koh-toh-velo)
Fingers – Dedos do mão
Toes – Dedos do pé
Hips – Quadril (kwa-dril)
Body – Corpo
Chest – Peito (Pay-too)… “Peito a Peito” = “Chest to chest”
Trunk – Tronco
Head – Cabeça (ka-beh-sa)
Neck – Pescoço
Throat – Garganta
Back – Costas
Shoulder – Ombro
Shoulder blade – Omoplata

Go – Vai / Embora
Pass the guard – Passar de guarda
Attack – Attaque
Defend – Defendar
Escape – Saida /S air
Sweep – Raspa / Raspada (has-pa)
Spar/roll – Spare (sh-par-ey)
Close the guard – Fechar a guarda

Other things you might here in class:
Valeu – thanks … used as a departing
Até amanhã – until tomorrow
Treinar – training
Vai com ele (vai kong el-ee) – go with him
Tiver duvida – Have doubts (questions
Boa treinar – Good training … (before rolling with your partner)
Mais um – One more
Quem quero mais? (Keng kero maes?)– Who wants more?
Livre treinar – free training … (usually after normal class and if people want to keep rolling they’d say this)

Jab – Jabby
Cross/right straight – Direita (jee-reta)
Straights – Direito … if they say “só direito” then just do straight punches
Hook – Cruzo/Cruza … not sure on spelling for this one
Uppercut/Body hook – Gancho or cruza … From memory they called an uppercut a hook (gancho) and same for a hook or “rip” to the body
Kick – Chute (shoo-ta)
Elbow – Cotovelo
Knee – Joelho