Polaris Pro 4 Results

Polaris Pro 4 Results

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When: Saturday, October 29. Prelims: 16:00, Main Card 18:30 (UK time)
Where: Lighthouse, Poole, UK

FIGHT CARD (18:30 UK TIME, PPV through Polaris website)



  • Tom Breese vs Ben Dyson

Tom Breese dominated the match winning a unanimous decision… few good guard passes and sub attempts but was a tight match.

Breese by decision.

  • Dominyka Obelenyte vs Yas Wilson- Gi

Dominika totally dominated Yas for a unanimous decision but Yas defence was incredible she survived a few armbar and omoplata attempts that were really tight!!

Obelenyte by decision.

  • Eduardo ‘Teta’ Rios vs Charles Negromonte

Teta started off with some takedowns but Negromonte was able to turn the tides and came back passing the guard and with some good submission attempts (kimura trap and kneebar). He then mounted.

Negromonte by decision.

  • Nathan Orchard vs Masakazu Imanari

Orchard spends most of the match trying to pass guard. He used the double underhood pass and was able to take the back with a body triangle. He sinked in a rear naked choke.

Orchard by rear naked choke.

  • Jackson Sousa vs Dillon Danis

Both competitors go out all guns blazing! Danis had a tight Guillotine but Sousa managed to escape. Danis was able to lock in a reverse heel hook and calmly got the tap.

Danis by reverse heel hook.

  • AJ Agazarm vs Minowaman

AJ Agazarm completly outclassed Minowaman. He took him down with a single leg. Passed guard, mounted and secured a tight armbar, then tranistioned to a triangle choke. Minowaman tapped out.

Agazarm took the mic and called out Ralek Gracie to an MMA fight in Bellator!

Agazarm by triangle choke.

  • Garry Tonon vs Gilbert Burns

Amazing high paced match. Durinho started pushing the pace with a lot of explosive takedowns and guard passes. He controlled the first 10 minutes. Tonon started putting on some very good leg attacks but Durinho escaped evrytime. Durinho even had his own toe hold attack. Tonon started pushing the pace and caught Durinho in a beautiful reverse heel hook and got the tap!

Tonon by reverse heel hook.

  • Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro vs Fernando ‘Terere’ Augusto

The match that everybody has been waiting for! Terere starts off strong with some strong takedown attempts. Shaolin pulls gaurd and Terere goes straight into his trademark knee cut pass. Terere almost passes but Shaolin brings him him back to half guard. Terere heavy on top and passes guard with a beautiful hip switch. The match is back on the feet and Shaolin again pulls guard. They’re back up and Terere throws Shaolin with a beautiful drop Seoi Nage! Last 3 mins with Terere on top trying to pass and Shaolin trying loop chokes.

Terere wins by decision. He says that he will compete at the next Europeans in January 2017.