Poland’s Adam Wardzinski Makes History: 1st European Male to Become Black Belt BJJ World Champion

Poland’s Adam Wardzinski Makes History: 1st European Male to Become Black Belt BJJ World Champion

The 2024 Jiu-Jitsu World Championship, organized by the IBJJF, delivered an electrifying showcase of skill and determination in the adult male and female black belt divisions on Sunday. Among the remarkable performances, Gabi Pessanha emerged as the standout star, clinching double gold by submitting Yara Soares twice. In the men’s division, the absolute final had an anticlimactic end as Jansen Gomes, injured in a prior match, conceded the openweight title to Erich Munis by walkover (WO).

One of the most historic and inspiring performances of the tournament came from heavyweight competitor Adam Wardzinski. In a series of dominant displays, Wardzinski won all four of his matches by submission, earning him his first world title and marking a monumental achievement for Poland. As the first male European to become a world champion at the IBJJF World Championship, Wardzinski’s victory cannot be understated. It solidifies his status as the most formidable gi competitor in European history.

Wardzinski has been a prominent figure in European BJJ for the last decade, consistently competing at the highest levels since his promotion to black belt in 2016. His journey to the top has been characterized by relentless dedication and perseverance, culminating in his triumph at this year’s championship. This victory places Wardzinski at the pinnacle of the sport, highlighting his exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to excellence.


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Complete Results

Black Belt / Adult / Female

  • Bantamweight: Mayssa Bastos defeated Jhefiner Aquino 10-0 on points
  • Featherweight: Thamires Aquino defeated Amanda Canuto by referee decision
  • Featherweight: Nathalie Ribeiro defeated Ana Rodrigues by referee decision
  • Lightweight: Luiza Monteiro submitted Brianna Ste-Marie with a footlock
  • Middleweight: Andressa Cintra submitted Larissa Martins with a choke
  • Light-heavyweight: Thamara Ferreira defeated Maria Vicentini 4-1 on advantages (after 0-0 on points)
  • Heavyweight: Tamiris Silva defeated Amanda Magda 2-0 on points
  • Super heavyweight: Gabi Pessanha submitted Yara Soares with a footlock
  • Absolute: Gabi Pessanha submitted Yara Soares with a footlock

Black Belt / Adult / Male

  • Bantamweight: Bebeto Oliveira submitted Zayed Alkatheeri with a choke
  • Featherweight: Diego Pato submitted Jonas Andrade with a choke
  • Featherweight: Meyram Maquine submitted Ademir Barreto with a choke
  • Lightweight: Mica Galvão defeated Andy Murasaki 2-0 on advantages (after 2-2 on points)
  • Middleweight: Jackson Nagai submitted Francisco Lo with an armbar
  • Light heavyweight: Gustavo “Braguinha” Batista submitted Jansen Gomes with a footbar
  • Heavyweight: Adam Wardzinski submitted Vinicius Liberati with a katagatame
  • Super-heavyweight: Anderson Munis submitted Erich Munis with a leg lock
  • Heavyweight: Yatan Bueno defeated Pedro Alex 5-0 on points
  • Absolute: Erich Munis defeated Jansen Gomes by WO