Pins & Pressure: The Quickest Way To Fatigue Your Opponent In BJJ

Pins & Pressure: The Quickest Way To Fatigue Your Opponent In BJJ

Think quick: what are some of the things that you are not doing right now – that you should be doing – and that would be extremely useful to your success in BJJ?
Yeah, using pressure probably wasn’t the first thing that came to mind.

However, utilizing pressure is the quickest way to fatigue your opponents in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. John Danaher explains further:

Probably the quickest method of fatiguing an opponent is to make them carry your weight inefficiently.

The most inefficient way to carry bodyweight is with your head and shoulders. Any position that forces an opponent to bear your weight on his head and shoulders will exhaust him over time.

Therefore, a great and extremely effective way to make the other person carry your bodyweight is by using pins. And you should go for them before going for a submission, for one simple reason:

Pins are a fine example of this. Get your chest over his shoulders and face and he will struggle under your weight. That struggle is exhausting.
Pinning like this is a precursor to submission. Tired opponents always quit more easily than fresh opponents.

Don’t pin for points – PIN FOR PRESSURE – and you’ll have a game that opponents fear.


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