Photo Evidence Disproves Rigan Machado’s Statement, Saucido Taught For Him At Flagship Academy

Photo Evidence Disproves Rigan Machado’s Statement, Saucido Taught For Him At Flagship Academy



Earlier today we reported that Rigan Machado issued this statement:

This statement confirms Rigan Machado has had business dealings with Sex Offender Paul Saucido in the past. Prior to 2013 when Rigan issued this statement where he distanced himself:

However new evidence we’ve uncovered reveals the two haven’t had a clean break that Machado writes about in this post – in fact Saucido actually taught at Rigan Machado’s beverly hills bjj academy training center.

And below is a picture of him along side one of the celebrity clients of the Beverly Hills Academy – Diego Boneta alongside Saucido who was reportedly helping him train.


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Rigan Machado wanting to distance himself then and now wasn’t much of a surprise given the gravity of the charges made against Saucido as well as victim statements and affidavits. After all the report against him quotes as reported by kxan.com and preserved in the internet archive. :

“Police say Saucido, 39, was at his birthday party with the victim at an apartment on San Marcos Street in Austin. The woman drank too much, an arrest affidavit says, and blacked out in the bathroom after getting sick. She awoke in the bathroom to find Saucido raping her, she told police, and she screamed in pain before blacking out again.

A friend at the party went looking for her when a taxi came to take her and the victim to the friend’s apartment, and the victim was nowhere to be found, the affidavit says.

“(The friend) knocked on the bathroom door, as it was believed that (the woman) was inside. After a moment … (the friend) heard the bathroom door open and saw Saucido look out, then close and lock the door again,” the affidavit says. “Once Saucido opened the door, (the friend) saw (the woman) was in there with him. (The friend) said Saucido carried (the woman) to the taxi.”

They took the taxi to the friend’s house. When Saucido, the woman, the friend and her boyfriend all arrived at the friend’s house, the boyfriend noticed that the woman was intoxicated to the point of “what he could consider alcohol poisoning,” and they laid her down on a couch in the living room and covered her with a blanket, the affidavit says.

Saucido lay down on a nearby couch, the affidavit says. Half an hour later, the friend and boyfriend heard noises coming from the living room, the affidavit says. The boyfriend went to investigate and found Saucido again having sex with the woman, who was still passed out face down on the couch, the affidavit says.

The boyfriend went to get the friend, and the two of them returned to the living room to find the woman still passed out, and Saucido gone, police said.

On police request, the victim agreed to a recorded phone call to Saucido, during which she asked him about the assault, the affidavit says. The papers say Saucido told her during the call that while the incident was happening, he thought to himself, “I don’t know what … I’m doing. I need to sober up.”

She also told him that she was missing her underwear from that night, and he responded that he had them but hadn’t returned them because “I didn’t think you wanted a reminder of that night,” court papers say.”


However it is somewhat startling that he would issue a false statement. As proven by the pictures above, previously attached picture of the two of them and also these pictures below:

Previous to his promotion he was seen wearing a two stripe brown belt in November of 2014. 

Once again this report couldn’t have happened without the assistance of Georgette Oden who initially uncovered and shined a light on this situation.