Paulo Miyao Rumoured To Be the Next BJJ Athlete That Failed Doping Test

Paulo Miyao Rumoured To Be the Next BJJ Athlete That Failed Doping Test



It’s looking like Leo Nogueira wasn’t the only athlete that was pinged by USADA for doping. Reliable sources confirm for BJJEE.com that Paolo Miyao will be the next to be pinpointed by the US Anti Doping Agency.

Last year Paolo Miyao dominated the Worlds – he won the light featherweight division without a hitch.  He was the only one on that podium that managed to repeat the success of the previous year. But since then he hasn’t been all that active he’s even missed the Pan Ams even though he isn’t injured.

A simple look at the social media of him and his brother shows that he’s been training hard and working towards the ADCC.

Really since last year Paolo Miyao has been laying low. His behavior reveals an all too familiar pattern. Let us go back to 2015.

Back then Felipe Pena was revealed as tested positive for a banned substance in a USADA post tournament check up for Worlds 2014 and subsequently stripped of World title.

He was suspended for a year. Similar to Nogueira, the ban wasn’t revealed until much later. Andre Galvao even wrote a post about it, calling out the IBJJF for their responsibility.

Of course during his suspension he competed in ADCC trials, won those and subsequently won the ADCC.. He went nowhere near the US soil in terms of competing.

Besides the ADCC, Pena only competed at World Pro, far from the reach of USADA and all for the coveted cash prize.

Similarly Paolo Miyao wreaked havoc in the ADCC Brazil trials and won them without many issues.


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But was nowhere to be found at the recent Pan Ams. Indeed similar to Pena he was seen fighting under the UAEJJF banner.


From the IBJJF website:

“If an athlete is found to have a positive test, USADA directly informs IBJJF and the athlete about the positive result. USADA handles the adjudication process for any positive test, in accordance with the rules, which provide full due process for the athlete.”


USADA is set to announce the big news very soon. Story developing…