Passing The Coyote/Dog Fight Half Guard

Passing The Coyote/Dog Fight Half Guard

Many BJJ practitioners have made a career from forcing an under hook half guard and sweeping or taking the back. This is a common method of playing guard used by a lot of elite level grapplers such Lucas Leite, Bernardo Faria, Tom DeBlass and others…

If you get an under hook from bottom half guard, it can easily lead to the demise of the top player. The under hook can be one of the most powerful and game changing aspects of the half guard. Both from bottom and top, in half guard, we are almost always fighting for the under hook.

Here, BJJ world champion Lucas Leite, known for his under hook half guard, shows exactly how to counter the Darce with a simple proven method.

Lucas Leite is a multi-time world champion with first place finishes at the Gi, Nogi, and Grapplers Quest world championships.  Lucas is noted for having a dynamic half guard game utilizing a twisting knee-hip pressure  the Infamous Coyote or Dog Fight guard that is difficult to stop. He says he likes to attack through half guard because it is effective in both gi and no gi competition.

The Coyote Guard or Dog Fight half guard position is extremely powerful and difficult to pass. In addition if you get swept from it you often expose a back take or guard pass, so because of that it’s very critical to know how to defend and pass.

In this video. Jon Thomas overviews the mechanics for stopping his opponent from coming up into him and how to secure your pass finish grips.

Learn how to defeat the Coyote Half Guard from its creator, Lucas Leite!

  • Lucas understands the ins-and-outs of Half Guard like few others in Jiu-Jitsu, he even has multiple instructionals dedicated to this CLASSIC position.
  • Use intricate tactics like “The Chiropractor” that will dismantle even the BEST half guard.
  • Stuck in Half Guard? Turn the tables with underhooks that leave your opponent helpless and easy to pass.
  • Lucas even has a section dedicated to UNLOCKING the dreaded LOCKDOWN position!
  • Don’t just pass the half guard, learn how to punish your opponent hard to stop submissions.