No More Bad Calls: Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Now Used at BJJ Tournaments

No More Bad Calls: Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Now Used at BJJ Tournaments

You know the feeling. You’re at a BJJ competition. It’s a long day and you finally get your name called for your match. You are leading on points, or so you think you are…

The problem is that your match is your referee’s 50th match of the day and he’s very tired. His concentration isn’t the best at this point and in one of your scrambles he didn’t give you points for sweep…

What now?

Well if it’s an IBJJF or any local BJJ competition, tough luck. The match wasn’t filmed by the officials and they cannot go back on their decision.

This is where the UAEJJF is taking sport Jiu-Jitsu to the next level.

They have followed the example of football governing body FIFA and have enforced the video assistant referee (VAR), where they reviews decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage.

This was first put in to practice at last weekend’s Abu Dhabi LA Grand Slam.

As you can see in this video by The Grappling Referee facebook page:

You’re watching a clip of not just one, but two different scoring actions being reviewed publicly on instant replay after the conclusion of the match but before a winner is decided.

FloGrappling captures the competitors, the replay, and the referees watching the replay…

Sorry IBJJF, Abu Dhabi is doing it better.

Is lengthy review disruptive or creates a better, more transparent decision?

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