Nicky Ryan Answers Questions From Craig Jones – And It’s Super Hilarious

Nicky Ryan Answers Questions From Craig Jones – And It’s Super Hilarious

Nicky Ryan is one of the B-Team athletes about whom the public probably knows the least about.

However, it seems that Craig Jones is on a mission to uncover the young Ryan’s “secrets”.
And yup, it gets as hilarious as you’d think it would.

Jones’ first question was about the knee: how is Nicky Ryan’s ACL tear recovery going so far?

Definitely overall very happy that I didn’t go with the surgery. My knee feels pretty much normal in training now.

It was a bit rough at first, I had a couple of buckle incidents during live rounds.
But now, I haven’t gotten a buckle instance in a while, so… I’m going to be back to competing soon.

And so when will his next competition be?

I’m talking to Flo (FloGrappling) and stuff right now, trying to get a match booked.
I kinda want to just get back out there, before I get into super tough matches with Mica [Galvao] and things like that.

Soon enough, Jones transitions to less serious questions. Such as: “How many T-shirts do you own… And are there any that aren’t gray?”

Not that many… Rotate between, probably, through 5 or 6 T-shirts. And I would say that the vast majority are gray.

And what about the amount of time that Nicky Ryan spends on social media (daily)?

Oh, not that much honestly. As you can tell, I don’t post enough for my own good. So, maybe like an hour or so.

And as you might’ve guessed, Craig Jones had a quick question for him in return:

So, all the women I see pop up in my “suggested” [Instagram posts], you like all of those in that short period of time?

Watch to hear Nicky’s response to this and other hilarious questions from Craig Jones:

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