Nick Rodriguez Shows A Super Useful Mat Return Drill

Nick Rodriguez Shows A Super Useful Mat Return Drill

What do you think: how important is wrestling in Jiu-Jitsu? Particularly in no-gi?
Well, almost every professional and elite Jiu-Jitsu competitor will say that wrestling is vital to your success on the mats.

For example, Stuart Cooper interviewed a number of elite grapplers during a recent Grappling Industries event, and many of them said that wrestling is a must!

Dante Leon, a 2x IBJJF No-Gi world champion, is the first one to admit it:

It’s gotten past the point where it’s something that’s important. [Now] it’s imperative, it’s completely necessary, it’s something that has to be done.

And I think the next generation [of no-gi BJJ athletes] would be well-advised to start with that as soon as they can.

If you want to level up both your wrestling and your conditioning… Then you have to do this mat return drill!

Nick Rodriguez demonstrates it below:

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