Nick Rodriguez Shares A Hilarious Story From The Dominican Republic: “Sh*t Happens”

Nick Rodriguez Shares A Hilarious Story From The Dominican Republic: “Sh*t Happens”

When travelling to a foreign country, one of the most important things you should do is check whether or not the local water is suitable for drinking. And not just for drinking, but also for other things. Such as brushing your teeth.
And, well, while visiting the Dominican Republic – Nick Rodriguez made the mistake of not being careful enough.

He kept brushing his teeth with local water… And on the second day, that turned out to be a big oversight.
Rodriguez revealed what happened next, in a recent episode of The Simpleman Podcast:

Two days in and I keep brushing my teeth with the water… And I get some rumbling in my stomach. And I’m like, I’m like: “Oh, I gotta go.”

I get to the hotel room. And at this point, I’m like: “I got to sh*t right now.”
And the maid is in there cleaning, and I look at her – I’m like, I don’t want to disturb her.

So, he made his way to the toilets which were downstairs – only to find an unpleasant surprise:

I just ran back downstairs. I’m pacing around, power-walking, like: “Oh! We gotta go!”
I get down to the downstairs bathroom and I open the stall… All the toilets are gone! They were renovating it.

Rodriguez then tried to make it and… Well, you can guess what happened next:

And I’m like: “Ohhh no, no, no! This is coming!” I started running back upstairs.

And I get to the top of the stairs and I give a little cough… And that motherf*cker just came out!
Threw those shorts out.


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