Nick Rodriguez: “ADCC Changed Their Rules Because Of Me”

Nick Rodriguez: “ADCC Changed Their Rules Because Of Me”

Did you know that the ADCC changed their rules because of Nick Rodriguez?
Well, that’s what Rodriguez claims to be the case.

Namely, in a conversation with Nicky Ryan, Rodriguez asked him if he ever played on his knees. Ryan replied:

A little bit, not too much. The only reason I don’t too much is because in ADCC they now count that as a guard-pull so I try and stay away from developing that habit.

So how did that guard pull rule come into effect?
Nick Rodriguez says it was because of him:

It’s crazy that they actually changed a rule because of me.

For those of you that don’t know – during my first ADCC I was renowned for, like, scoring points and causing a lot of off-balances from wrestling from my knees.
Going to two knees or to one knee and attacking or re-attacking my opponents, and previously a guard-pull was only considered (to be) pulling to your butt in this fashion.

But because of my knee-wrestling they were, like: “Oh, that’s gotta be points’ so they kinda changed a rule because of me.

You may watch the entire conversation on the video below:

So, what do you think? Was this rule change a good call by the ADCC?