Nicholas Meregali: “Stop Saying That Champions Are Arrogant”

Nicholas Meregali: “Stop Saying That Champions Are Arrogant”

Nicholas Meregali seems to have had it enough with people who call him arrogant.

He vented in a recent social media post, saying that nobody other than the champion knows what they had to endure:

Stop saying champions are arrogant That is the most ret*rded and delusional thing you could say.

Can you imagine how much self-judgment this champion faced to become great? “No you don’t.”
Can you imagine how many people this champion has humbly asked for help to learn something? “No, you don’t want to know.”

Can you imagine how many defeats this champion has digested to reach victory? “No, you don’t need to know.”

Meregali emphasized that he has the humility to learn new things:

If you’re a loser and don’t have the humility to learn anything, you can’t achieve your goals because you don’t judge yourself with honesty and truth, stop saying champions are arrogant because that’s what you are.

No matter what I want to learn in life, I can always learn, you know why? I ask for help and support from anyone, from a random person on the street to a master.

Champions and successful people are HUMBLE. Losers are losers and arrogant as f**k, that’s why they conquer nothing in life.
It’s easier to criticize the great than to be great.


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