New Website Searches The Web For The Best Deals for BJJ Gear

New Website Searches The Web For The Best Deals for BJJ Gear


Getting the best deal on BJJ equipment can STILL cost you… in time.

Because there are so many stores out there, each putting out their own offers – so depending on what you’re looking for, you may have to spend quite a lot of time browsing through them.

When I shopped for equipment, I often wished it was possible to compare the prices of all the big stores out there while shopping online without opening a dozen webpages.

I felt it would be great if one could know straight away where the best deal on a particular product was available, without spending hours browsing through the product pages of a dozen websites.

Black Monkey Deals was created to solve just this problem.

An (at the moment) completely non-profit endeavor, it doesn’t sell anything at all. Instead, it channels all the products from our favorite BJJ stores, allowing a person to compare them on a single page, effortlessly!

All the products on the page are links to the external reseller sites, and you can look through them all at the glance, to get the deal that best suits you!

Best of all, Black Monkey Deals is categorized according to different items of equipment, making it easy to find exactly what one needs. Since all the top online stores are sourced from, there are more than 10,000 products available to compare between at any one time.

So, in what direction do the site’ creators’ see this going?

Black Monkey Deals was actually created by a BJJ black belt to solve a particular problem – how one can get the best possible deal on one’s equipment, taking advantage of the fact that the big stores are always in competition with each other.

How it grows (and the directions it develops in) depends on the input of martial artists and BJJ practitioners around the world – your tips and ideas will build this up further.

Here is probably the widest selection of BJJ Gis online: Black Monkey Deals BJJ GI

What stores are represented so far?

There’s MMA Warehouse, of course, Fightersmarket, RollMore, UnderArmor, and more. Black Monkey Deals is in the process of adding BlueCollarFightStore and TheGiHive. The sites creators are also trying to get Amazon aboard, which would make things just perfect.




Reddit users like the idea…

When this idea was floated on reddit, it led to an animated discussion – reddit users really liked the idea of being able to use the competitive nature of various equipment stores to get a good price deal… or even to simply get the best possible quality on equipment at affordable prices.

Here’s the link to the discussion on reddit – The link contains mostly the same information that is here, but the discussion might be interesting to someone.

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If you have ideas that can improve upon this, suggest them!


Let’s make this a community effort that can ensure that we never lack the best possible equipment to support our efforts on the mat!

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