New Scientific Research Proves That Wrestlers Have Superior Grip Strength


A study in this month’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning analyzed the grip strength of wrestlers compared to the average person, as well as the numerous variables associated with what gives a person a strong grip. For us grapplers, we see that not only is grip strength important, but you can be born with a strong grip , as well as be able to develop your grip. Training with grip trainers, climbing rope, and generally practicing grappling arts such as wrestling, judo, sambo, BJJ will strengthen your grip tremendously.


According to findings, wrestlers exhibit a sport-specific pattern of handgrip strength changes. Body height and hand length exhibited the strongest correlations with handgrip strength in wrestlers and in controls. The training adaptations of wrestling resulted in symmetrical handgrip strength development in both hands. These data serve to provide a descriptive profile of handgrip strength in wrestlers, to assist both coaches and health professionals for talent selection and/or development of training programs for performance enhancement and rehabilitation.

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