Neil Melanson Demonstrates How To Counter The “Ball Splitter”

Neil Melanson Demonstrates How To Counter The “Ball Splitter”

You’ve been working hard on your Triangle Choke, haven’t you? Of course you have, it shows. Day in and day out, you’ve drilled it and practiced setting it up in every single roll. And now, the time has come to test all that preparation – you’re competing!
Sure enough, you start setting it up as fast as a lightning and are close to pushing their arm out… But then, the horror reveals its ugly head. The opponent is using his arm to put pressure on your groin in order to defend! What they’re utilizing is the “Ball Splitter”, as Neil Melanson calls it.

So how are you supposed to counter this defense from hell? Melanson has a word of advice or two.



If the opponent is trying to push their arm back into your Closed Guard by any means necessary, Melanson explains that you have two great options. The first one is to change your angle and scoop their leg, while also catching their “push-through” with a Cross Grip. From there, you’re supposed to scissor your legs up while off-balancing your opponent to upwards and to the side. As a result, the opponent will have to post their hand – unless they want to end up mounted.
This will both create enough space for the family jewels and give you more space for a proper Triangle setup and finish.

The second option you have (this one is really useful if the other person is extremely strong and if you’re really in pain) is to help them get their arm out. You’ll pull it back towards you and then – get this – you’ll switch your angle and tap them out with an Armbar!
Check out how to do this escape from the Ball Splitter on the video below:

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  • Seasoned grappling expert Neil Melanson is not a only one of the most highly sought after coaches in the world, he’s also referred to as one of the most dangerous men on the planet by many of his peers and some of combat’s most decorated icons.
  • Melanson has coached some of of MMA’s most prolific fighters like Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, and Randy Couture.