Most Common Mistakes In Weight Cutting for Grappling Competitions

Most Common Mistakes In Weight Cutting for Grappling Competitions

Weight cutting is a major challenge for every competitor. In addition to being grueling it can also lower your testosterone and affect more or less every aspect of your life.

  • Limit your liquid input to water – Many athletes cutting weight rely on sport drinks during the weight cuts. This can backfire as sports drinks contain relatively high amount of salt which retains liquid and actively works against them.

Depending on your weight cut tactics and the period of time you have to achieve it you have different diets. However last couple of days before weigh in you should avoid all things rich in fiber – meaning fruits and vegetables and especially those consumed with seeds .

  • The fiber rich produce and fruits stay longer in the intestines so this might be dead weight you’re carrying.

Eggs for Breakfast! Regardless of weather you’re traveling or at home you might be tempted to get a solid healthy meal containing high quality proteins. However you should pay attention and specifically tune to eating your eggs without salt.

  • A salt rich omlet can go a long way in making cutting weight very difficult for you

Stop stressing about it. Make a plan and stick to it. And don’t try to make the weight early.

  • Reaching the weight limit days prior to weigh in might be mentally less stressful however this practice will affect your performance in a significant way. Much better to time and start dehydration as close to weigh in as possible.

After weighing in, choose foods that will be absorbed quickly and provide the best fuel for your upcoming performance. While protein is extremely necessary during the weight cut to prevent the loss of muscle mass, it has little place in the replenishment process.

  • Protein will not give you the energy you need to perform on the mat and will only take up room in your stomach. Carbohydrates are the best types of food to eat for an upcoming competition after a weight cut.

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