MMA fighter turned Navy SEAL is ‘person of interest’ in high-profile killing of Green Beret

MMA fighter turned Navy SEAL is ‘person of interest’ in high-profile killing of Green Beret



Green Beret by the name Logan J Melgar was announced dead on arrival on June 4th in French clinic in Mali. Melgar had been posted to the West African nation as part of a secret mission to train local troops and carry out counter terrorism operations against groups affiliated with the so-called Islamic State (IS). He was 34-years-old.

According to the New York Times was first reported to superiors as an accidental death resulting from Melgar wrestling or grappling with a pair of SEALs. NY Times quotes superiors were originally told that Melgar was put in a chokehold until he passed out and that members of the SEAL team tried to revive him.

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The Intercept has revealed that those SEALs are now under investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). Same sources revealed that one of the SEALs is Petty Officer Anthony E. DeDolph, a member of SEAL Team 6. The ‘Team 6’ unit is famed for its fatal take down of Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden in 2011.

A few months later, a medical examiner determined that Melgar’s death was a homicide via asphyxiation.

Neither DeDolph nor his teammate have been charged in the death of Melgar. However, reports state that the NCIS considers the two SEALs “persons of interest.”

Melgar had previously told his wife that he had a ‘bad feeling’ about his two  housemates. The Daily Beast   alleges Melgar had discovered that the SEALs were stealing money from a fund that had been set up to pay informants. According to military sources, the SEALs initially claimed that Melgar had been drunk when they had been grappling. However, a source connected to United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) told The Daily Beast that an autopsy report showed no sign of drugs or alcohol in Melgar’s system.

DeDolph is shown as having an undefeated amateur career over five fights in 1999. DeDolph’s pro career lasted from 1999 to 2001. As a pro he went 1-5 (1 NC), with appearances in the HOOKnSHOOT, Extreme Challenge, and Shooto organizations. One of DeDolph’s losses came to WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator and UFC veteran Jeff Curran.

The Intercept quoted a SEAL commander who was critical of MMA and its application by SEALs. “MMA is totally separate from what we do operationally. It’s designed for sport, and you can’t do it with equipment on. MMA doesn’t make any sense in a gun fight.”