MMA Fighter Allegedly Stabbed Two Grandparents in Random Attack

MMA Fighter Allegedly Stabbed Two Grandparents in Random Attack

While it’s never good to practice crime on an mma fighter – it’s especially bad when someone with mixed martial arts training sets his mind on crime.

Marco Huerta, an amateur MMA fighter, was arrested after a couple in their 50s was attacked at their home in front of their grandchildren in El Paso, Texas.

57-year-old man and 56-year old woman were returning from a trip with their young grandchildren. As the man opened the gate to their home, he was attacked.

Huerta stabbed and punched the man. When the woman tried to stop Huerta, Huerta allegedly knocked her down and stomped and kicked her in the head. Despite being attacked the woman was able to call 911 to report the incident  per CBS 4 Local.

Huerta’s three-fight amateur MMA career was contained to the promotion 915 MMA and their Border Brawl series of events.

According to KFOX14 Huerta has an extensive list of past criminal convictions.

Screaming Eagles Martial Arts founder Eric Smith spoke to ABC7 KVIA News about Huerta.

He claimed that Huerta told him he had beaten all the martial arts masters in El Paso and then challenged him to a fight. Smith said he accepted the challenge and then beat Huerta with one punch to his right bicep.

Huerta trained under Smith for a short period of time after their fight.

Bushido MMA owner Hugo Sida also spoke to KVIA about Huerta, who he trained for a short period. “He wasn’t training to get better or to help people. He was training to, wanting to hurt somebody,” he said. “You could tell he had a lot of anger inside.”

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