MMA & BJJ World Champion Bibiano Fernandes: “‘Later’ Is A Word That Doesn’t Exist In My Life”

MMA & BJJ World Champion Bibiano Fernandes: “‘Later’ Is A Word That Doesn’t Exist In My Life”

When you’ve been martial arts for long enough, you start to understand that it isn’t just that you’re preparing yourself for them… But that martial arts are actually preparing you – for life and everything you’ll experience through it.
And if you still aren’t aware of that fact, then maybe you should start listening to other, more experienced martial artist. For example, Bibiano Fernandes.

Fernandes is a 40 year-old martial artist, who is one of the best light featherweight MMA fighters in history. He’s earned MMA belts at ONE Fighting Championship and is a 5x BJJ world champion as well.
Here are his keys to success in martial arts and life, originally published on GRACIEMAG.



1. Eliminate “Laziness” Out Of Your Vocabulary

Later is a word that doesn’t exist in my life”, explains Fernandes. Whoever is always overcome by laziness when it comes to waking up early, working, studying, and struggling, will always be in the same place.

2. Strengthen Your Self-Determination

Bibiano teaches: “Only you are able to find your own willpower, what motivates you and how to acquire and maintain this strength within you.” Without determination, it’s difficult to evolve in Jiu-Jitsu. Reflect, get to know yourself, think and trust your values, your potentials.

3. Exercise Your Ears

“I’ve always connected well with my coaches, like my master Osvaldo Alves and Professor Faustino Neto, not to mention my muay thai coaches”, says the black belt.
When you have difficulties, ask your coaches for advice.

4. Drive Away The Inertia

“There will always be days when you wake up tired, unwilling, wanting to stop. Breathe in, breathe out, and repeat that you need to continue”, he teaches.

5. Visualize Your Goals 

According to Fernandes, it is vital to visualize where you want to go, to specify plans and goals each week of training. Do you see yourself as a hardworking practitioner? If so, people around you will see the same.
“The main thing is to imagine your biggest dream, visualize that new reality and put your imagination into practice”, he explains.

6. Rest Is Crucial

“Some people say: ‘Sleep when you’re dead.’ These people are despising the value of rest.”

Sleeping is vital, for your physical and mental side. “When he sleeps, the athlete regenerates muscles and brain, and replaces cells responsible for protecting the entire body, including the neural circuit.”

7. Feed Yourself Wisely

Fernandes has maintained a balanced diet since he was 20 years old, without eating too much red meat: “Eating well is the best way to produce good energy within the body. Many people wake up in the morning and consume a lot of sugar, drink Coke or juice from a box, and this does not bring any benefit to the body or the immune system”.


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