Mikey Musumeci On Dealing With Competition Fear: “It’s A Blessing”

Mikey Musumeci On Dealing With Competition Fear: “It’s A Blessing”

If you’ve ever competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (or in anything else, for that matter), then you know how the nerves can kick in. How the fear of losing can come rushing in… And it’s extremely important to learn how to deal with these feelings – the feelings of being nervous and afraid.

Mikey Musumeci revealed the thoughts that cross his mind while being afraid:

We become so afraid that we will be judged by our result from others (shame), and that makes us in a state of fear. This fear can make us freeze; this fear can take all the energy out of us.

When I have experienced this feeling, I use it as a time to reflect on my life and the people in my life. If I lose tomorrow will my mom still love me? Will my friends and family still be there for me?
Of course they will.

So how does Mikey deal with this fear in the first place? By shifting his perspective:

Realize what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to compete!

So many people in this world are unable to do the things they have a passion for, so we have to be grateful that we are able to do these things.
“I’m so nervous; I hate this feeling!” Everyone that competes will say this from time to time. (Including myself…) But the truth is we have to be grateful we are able to feel for competing, feeling for competing means we care about it enough to have feelings for it right?

What becomes a way worse feeling in life is running away from things that make us uncomfortable because we are so scared to feel them; that’s when we stop living.

He concluded with a powerful call to action:

Embrace feeling nervous! Be grateful for feeling nervous! We are all so blessed.


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