Mikey Musumeci Teaches the ‘Mikey Lock’ Heel Hook That Can’t Be Defended

Mikey Musumeci Teaches the ‘Mikey Lock’ Heel Hook That Can’t Be Defended

Mikey Musumeci has his focus targeted on Who’s Number One (WNO) successes one after another – and the most recent WNO competition was no different.
Or, it’s been quite different actually… As Mikey decided to use a new submission, one of his own making – the “Mikey Lock!”

He successfully utilized it just 56 seconds into his bantamweight title match. Check it out!


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In a press interview earlier this week, Musumeci hinted towards using a mystery submission, now known to be the Mikey Lock:

What I developed was a Heel Hook, where you put the foot in the armpit. So now, I’ve been using my neck pin for this submission. It’s like a hybrid of an Inside Toe Hold, because it puts more pressure on the foot; but then it also puts Heel Hook pressure on the knee… It’s been so efficient for me.
I’m so excited to share this with everyone so then they can start implementing this in their game, because it’s gonna fix all your problems with Heel Hooks that you have.

Mikey also claims that there’s no known defense against the Mikey Lock yet:

So far, there’s been no counter for it in training. I’ve just been doing this over and over.

In this video, he shows how he sets it up:

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