Mikey Musumeci: “I Kind Of See My Style Now More Like A Muay Thai Fighter”

Mikey Musumeci: “I Kind Of See My Style Now More Like A Muay Thai Fighter”

As one might expect, nothing – not even the plenty of success that he’s experienced so far – can stop Mikey Musumeci from training super hard and from becoming even better than he is already.

But one of the things that has changed recently is Musumeci’s outlook on BJJ.
Namely, he now likens it a lot to Muay Thai.

For example, he compares Leg Lock attacks to the devastating Muay Thai kicks, as he shared in an interview with the Jiu-Jitsu Times:

I kind of see my style now more like a Muay Thai fighter.

Once you break the person’s legs down, it’s easier to start knocking the person out.
So, that’s how I see my style now, and I think it was the perfect strategy.

Musumeci says that a lot of it has to do with his friendship with the Muay Thai champion, Rodtang Jitmuangnon:

I love him – he’s the nicest guy, and he has such great energy.

He’s like a brother to me. When we both won our fights, everything was closed, so we just went to Denny’s to eat afterwards – like, we were both eating at Denny’s at 2 AM.

The top Muay Thai guy and the top jiu-jitsu person are from two different sports, two different countries, two different languages; and we’ve still become best friends and connected because of ONE Championship and martial arts.

It brings us all together, and it’s beautiful to watch.


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