Mikey Musumeci Explains the Most Important Concepts and Position for White Belts

Mikey Musumeci Explains the Most Important Concepts and Position for White Belts

Mikey Musumeci is among the best BJJ competitors in the world. He holds four IBJJF World Championship gold medals and is undefeated in the submission-only and ADCC ruleset this year. He has achieved all of this thanks to his superb technique… And is, therefore, someone everyone should listen to for grappling advice!
This time, it’s the white belts who have the privilege of learning two very important concepts from Musumeci. He shares what they are below, as well as the position he deems as most important for beginner grapplers to learn.



Musumeci explains that the arguably most important concept for white belts to learn is the one of framing. In other words: you need to keep your opponents away from you when they’re attacking. And how are you going to do it? Exactly, by using your frames; by posting either your hands or your legs on their torso in order to manage distance.
That’s the most important defensive concept. But what about offense? The opposite is the key: if you want to attack, you need to bring the opponents closer to you. This is done by utilizing your hooks. Mikey explains:

What we do is, we learn how to pull somebody in… A hook is when I make something exceed his body. So when he backs away from me, it’s hard for him to move away.

Mikey explains it all in great detail below… As well as why every white belt should learn Closed Guard first!

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