Michael Chandler Explains How He Got His Testosterone Level So High At 37 Years Old

Michael Chandler Explains How He Got His Testosterone Level So High At 37 Years Old

Nowadays, the topic of increasing testosterone levels has become quite popular mainly because men tend to experience testosterone reduction as they age. This sex hormone is commonly present in males and in low amounts in females. Testosterone helps to boost muscle mass, body strength, bone mass, and regulate libido among other benefits. As such, reduced levels of this hormone can cause reverse effects including erectile dysfunction, increased fatigue, fragile bones, decreased strength, and increased body fat among others.

Since MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are a form of martial art that involves ground fighting and grappling, having a healthy bone mass comes in handy. Therefore, increasing testosterone can be beneficial to individuals involved in this sport. Joe Rogan recently talked about about how he was testing a way to boost his testosterone naturally by taking Ice baths before and not after a workout like many people had done.

Joe Rogan: “Ice Bath BEFORE a Workout Majorly Increases Testosterone Levels”

UFC lightweight Michael Chandler is 37 years old, yet his testosterone levels are higher than most men half his age. Here are some of the reasons why:


Michael trains extremely hard. He maintains an intense MMA workout regimen on a daily basis. Consistent, strenuous exercise has been shown to boost testosterone levels in men.


Michael follows a clean, whole foods diet with plenty of protein and healthy fats. He limits sugar, processed foods and alcohol. This type of nutrient-dense eating pattern supports optimal hormone balance.


Michael takes targeted supplements to aid his performance and recovery. He uses zinc, vitamin D- all of which can help boost free testosterone levels.


Michael prioritizes getting enough high-quality sleep each night to aid his training and recovery. Lack of sleep has been linked to lower testosterone levels in men, so Michael’s focus on rest helps maintain his hormone health.

Stress management

Michael practices effective stress management techniques like meditation and mindfulness. Chronic stress can lower testosterone, so by keeping his stress response in check, he supports healthy hormone levels.

In summary, Michael’s combination of intense training, nutritious eating, targeted supplementation, prioritizing sleep and managing stress have likely all contributed to his ability to maintain high testosterone levels at 37 years old. His lifestyle as an elite athlete aligns well with the factors that research shows can boost testosterone production as men age.