Mica Galvao Chooses To Compete at ADCC Despite CJI Invitation

Mica Galvao Chooses To Compete at ADCC Despite CJI Invitation

Mica Galvao has received an official invite to compete at the CJI (Craig Jones Invitational) event from Craig Jones himself…However, Mica will not compete for the $1 million prize.

Well, it appears that the focus this year is on winning the ADCC title instead.

Galvao explained why in a post on IG:

“At the beginning of the year, I had the idea to make as much money as possible to have a stable life and support my family. I planned to stay off the IBJJF circuit and focus on professional grappling events. However, you guys encouraged me to wear the kimono and convinced me that I should focus on building my legacy at this point. I won the European, Pan, Brazilian, World Cup, and Grand Slam titles, each under five minutes per fight. We invested a lot in this project, but I believe we will reap the benefits.

Now, I’m attempting something that has only been done once before by the master @cobrinhacharles: winning all the major kimono events and the biggest grappling event in the same year. I can’t pass up the opportunity to try this. ADCC is every athlete’s dream, and @mojassim80 has done an incredible job making ADCC such a prestigious and desired brand. Additionally, @craigjonesbjj has introduced an amazing new proposal with a million-dollar prize. This will undoubtedly elevate the sport, and I would love to participate in this moment as well.

If the @cjiofficial event were just a day before ADCC, I would definitely compete in both. However, since I have to choose one, I’ll go with ADCC. There’s no right or wrong decision; what matters is the moment, and my moment is to build my legacy. I support both ADCC and CJI and hope they both succeed and grow, providing more opportunities for athletes. ✊🏽”

Mica’s father Melqui Galvao explained further in a recent interview:

We received the invitation for Mica [from Craig Jones].

As I was talking there, I think his idea is fantastic.
Give a million dollars for -80kg category and give a million dollars for the over 80 category.

It will make the competition better, it will make the sport grow.

However, the timing is a big issue, as it’s coinciding with the same date as the ADCC is taking place:

I just don’t agree that it should be the same date as the ADCC.
I think if he [Jones] booked it a week later, it would be perfect.

And as far as the prize money is concerned, Melqui believes his son will earn much more than $1 million over the years of his career.
In other words, they’re more focused on long-term objectives:

Speaking of Mica, we’re after this year of legacy.

Mica is 20 years old, we really believe that he will compete at least until he 35…
So, he has a career of at least 15 years.

We believe he is going to make a lot more than a million dollars over those 15 years.

So, this year Mica is going to ADCC.


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