Meet The New Gabi Garcia – Outstanding Tayane Porfirio

Meet The New Gabi Garcia – Outstanding Tayane Porfirio

The Worlds have been good to a number of athletes but Tayane Porfirio will definitely always have a special place for Worlds 2016 in her heart. Shortly after winning Gold once again she has received her black belt from the great Alexandre Paiva.


Tayane captioned the memorable occasion:

“(now makes) exactly 5 years and 5 months of Jiu jitsu. I remember perfectly the first day I went to the gym, which didn’t have a Gi for me. Hahahah until I got a plain, loose kimono to train and finally started.

I talked to the teacher and said I wanted to lose weight, and so I was going until the Children’s day in 2011 when I was awarded a blue belt …

For me that moment was unique, I never felt something so magical, a perfect achievement within me. The time passed and I changed my academy and went in search of my dreams, until 17th January 2013 when I won my first tryouts for Abu Dhabi. I thought “I’ll travel ?? couldn’t believe it, I’ll have my passport” finally got on a plane for the first time ✈ with a direct 14 hour flight

Time went on … and on December 08th 2014 I was promoted to purple belt !! Thought was running through my head “Guys I am a Purple belt” and then I continued my journey. I dedicated myself to training until, because of problems I again changed teams and went to one of the best teams in the world, Alliance.

There I met the best teacher in the world, who is not only my teacher, plus almost a father, he was also my passport to the world. He helped me and one day he said, “I’ll make you world champion, not only for me, but also for your willpower. “

On May 29, 2015 I became world champion in Jiu Jitsu, and this victory came the coveted brown ?? since then kept believing in my dreams … and today, June 4th, 2016 I conquer my biggest dream, the long – awaited black belt, am I dreaming? receive a black belt from him? Honestly if it ‘s a dream I do not want it to end so soon. Thank you Alexandre Paiva to be that teacher or father in my life … not forgetting the Dani, for always motivating me, thank you !!”

Earlier this year Tayane was recognized by the UAEJJF, the organizer of Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu-Jitsu as the Best Black/Brown Female Player of the Year. She had stiff competition of black belts Tammy Griego and Marina Ribeiro yet she still prevailed.

Her breakout performance definitely came in late 2015 at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in Rio de Janeiro. Due to a combined brown-black belt division she was especially noteworthy there because she was beating seasoned black belts left and right. Tayane Porfirio won double gold on that occasion in Female over 70 division as well as Absolute. Prior to this she won the double gold at the World Championship as a purple belt and was subsequently awarded brown.

Tayane Won Female Super Heavy Brown Belts division at Worlds 2016 and placed third in Absolute.


Tayane Porfirio considers comparison with Gabi Garcia wonderful:

I think it’s wonderful! When I began training jiu-jitsu the only person I looked up to was Gabi. Sincerely, I am so proud when they say I’m the next Gabi, I hope to conquer even half of the titles she’s won!