Max Holloway Receives BJJ Purple Belt !

Max Holloway Receives BJJ Purple Belt !



It’s no secret young up and comer in the UFC featherweight division (and current interim featherweight champion) Max “Blessed” Holloway is deeply infatuated with bjj. Earlier last year he was quoted saying:


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When prompted about tips and advice to achieve fit lfiestyle Holloway said:

Practice jiu jitsu if you want to lose weight. You’ll actually learn a different lifestyle. There’s a jiu jitsu lifestyle way which is pretty cool and pretty healthy, too…I see people losing about 40 pounds in six months. They (also) train their eating habits outside jiu jitsu for sure.””


He’s just received his purple belt from Rylan Lizares following his impressive UFC victory gainst Anthony Pettis for the interim featherweight title.








UFC Fighter Max Holloway Recommends Jiu-Jitsu To Lose Weight


Holloway just turned 25 this past December! No doubt a shiny future is ahead of him, perhaps even facing longtime bjj-er, the newly instated featherweight champion Jose Aldo!

Jose Aldo Reveals He’s Signed On to Fight Holloway at UFC 208



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