Masakazu Imanari Teaches The Perefct Imanari Roll

Masakazu Imanari Teaches The Perefct Imanari Roll

There is a reason why Masakazu Imanari is nicknamed ‘Red belt in Leglocks’. He has made his name leglocking opppnents left and right for the past 20 years in MMA and grappling competitions.

The infamous “Imanari Roll” is a rolling attack that starts from standing and transitions into a leglock. It can also be used as a takedown if you do not attack the leg lock and instead come on top of your opponent.

This grappling move was named after The Japanese BJJ black belt and MMA fighter Masakazu Imanari because of his usage of them.

Imanari is one of those names who have become more synonymous with a move then with a fighter that popularized them. The imanari roll is one of those versatile moves that change the playing field in a split second.

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This doesn’t make Masakazu Imanari any less threatening, most recently he had a great showing at Combat Jiu-Jitsu world:

Caught in a Deep Arm Triangle… Just Heel Hook Them Of Course


In this video, Imanari himself shows how to set up his signature move:

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