Marcelo Garcia Teaches Armbar Setup vs. Kneeling Opponent

Marcelo Garcia Teaches Armbar Setup vs. Kneeling Opponent

You might be in favor of starting on your feet (if so, kudos to you). Or you might feel more comfortable pulling guard and forcing your opponent to pass it – why not. But whatever your preference may be, the matter of the fact is that sometimes you and your opponents will find each other in a neutral position… The dreaded sit-kneel position.
You know fully well how it looks like. You’re seated and your opponent is kneeling, trying to make something happen from there. And while this may be prime time to try and engage your well-versed Butterfly Guard game, perhaps you should immediately go for a submission!

Here’s one such technique, an Armbar setup from one of the greatest to ever do it: Marcelo Garcia.



Marcelo explains that, to begin with this technique, you first have to make sure that your legs are protected and that you’re not exposing your neck. Then, if the opponent engages by pushing you, it’s your time to shine.
As they shove, you’re going to sort of pummel outside of their arm and pinch their hand underneath your armpit. Make sure that it’s their hand; if you pinch their wrist, they’ll be able to rotate their arm… Which is a big no-no.

As you’ve pinched their hand, you’re also going to cup their elbow and scoot back, falling flat on the mats. Make sure that you’re rotating their elbow so that it’s pointing straight into the ground.
Then, place both of your feet on their hips, with one foot closer to the arm you’re attacking. Lift your hips up – and you will get the tap.

Check out Marcelo Garcia explain this Armbar setup against a kneeling opponent below:

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