A Man Who Can’t Use His Legs is Inspiring Others to Learn Jiu-Jitsu

A Man Who Can’t Use His Legs is Inspiring Others to Learn Jiu-Jitsu

Pete McGregor is currently travelling through Canada and inspiring many to try jiu jitsu.

McGregor is a self described Jiu-jitsu World Traveler Adaptive Grappler 10th Planet Freak. What sets him apart is that he’s unable to use his legs yet he doesn’t let it hinder his enthusiasm:
According to cbc.ca:

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McGregor grew up in Edmonton and was left paralyzed as a child after an impaired driver hit his family’s vehicle.

For years he was plagued by medical conditions. He spent months in hospital at a time, going through one surgery each year for 12 years.

He was 35 when he first tried jiu-jitsu. He credits the martial art, in part, for not having any medical complications since.

“Finding the mental fortitude not to give up and to keep coming back, that’s going to be the most challenging thing for people. But as long as they keep showing up, keep being consistent, the successes will always be there.”

– McGregor said

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