Make Them Fly By Switching Sides in Your Butterfly Guard

Make Them Fly By Switching Sides in Your Butterfly Guard

The butterfly guard and the sweeps derived from this guard can be some of the easiest techniques to begin mastering early on in our jiu jitsu career. Butterfly guard can be one of the first styles of dynamic open guard that one gets exposed to.

Butterfly guard is also a great guard to play against a much heavier opponent as you are not allowing your opponent to smash you.

Adam Wardzinski is one of the premier Polish black belts making his name known in the world of BJJ. Poland, with a cultural love of grappling, has produced over 300 black belts and Adam Wardzinski has become one of the most accomplished. Recently at the IBJJF, he had one of the more exciting matches with Felipe Pena. Though he did not come out with the victory, Adam’s foot attacks left a mark on Pena that he won’t soon forget.

Adam has become well known for his butterfly guard game. He utilizes the butterfly guard and butterfly sweeps extremely well.

In No Gi he uses the butterfly guard in a slightly different way than with the gi. In this technique, he uses an overhook to control the opponent and provoke a reaction and then he switches side leaving the opponent unprepared. Adam has a whole system where he anticipates his opponent’s reaction and can always finish the sweep in all cases.

You need to add this sequence to your game.

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