Mackenzie Dern Swore To Never Miss Weight Again

Mackenzie Dern Swore To Never Miss Weight Again

Mackenzie Dern has been largely ignoring the vast criticism she receives online and from fellow fighters. However after the last controversy she went back on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and had to answer some tough questions.

For starter – exactly how much of her purse she had to give Amanda Bobby Cooper. Dern revealed in the interview her deal is 29000$, and 29000$ win bonus. But in addition to the actual penalty for missed weight she also made a separate deal with ABC so the fight would be on totaling around 13000$ she had to work over to Cooper thanks to weight shenanigans.

Additionally Dern revealed she was as big as 139lbs leading up to the fight.

 “[The commission] wanted to pull me on Tuesday when I arrived. I said, ‘No, it’s okay, I just flew 14 hours and I drank a lot of water and I didn’t do any exercise, of course I’m going to be heavy’, but they made me make a weight the next day.

“I dehydrated two days early to show I could make a weight. When I made that weight on Wednesday, they allowed me to keep on cutting. It was a little bit crazy the weight cut because I had to do a pre-dehydration to show I could make the weight on Wednesday.”

The black belt claims she arrived in Brazil at 139.5 pounds, but even though she was 23-pounds off strawweight at that time, she still thought she could make it:

“When I arrived I weight 139 pounds and a half. And then, on Wednesday, I was 131,” she said.

“It’s not typical, I like to arrive at the fight week at 120, but honestly when I got there on Tuesday I wasn’t scared yet because I was on the plane and everything and I was drinking. For me, it was still possible.”

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Ultimately the commission made her stop weight cutting as to be able to fight at all.

Meanwhile Dern is scheduled to appear at an amazing camp –  undefeated UFC fighter and multiple World and ADCC Champion Mackenzie Dern will be leading a BJJ/grappling camp in Barcelona, Spain 29,30 june, 01 july 2018.

To learn more about the camp click here.