Mackenzie Dern Headed To EBI?

Mackenzie Dern Headed To EBI?


Mackenzie Dern might be headed to EBI. A preliminary discussion between Mackenzie Dern and Eddie Bravo Invitational producer (and referee) Victor Davilla reveled there was interest on both sides to make this happen.


Davilla captioned the instagram posting:

“Who would like to see Mackenzie Dern competing at EBI?”

To which he added his congratulations for Mackenzie’s triumph at Worlds 2016 (where she defeated retiring Nicollini and reasserted herself as the reigning champion of featherweight division).

Davilla also spent time with Dern 5 days ago prior to Worlds so perhaps this wasn’t the first conversation they had about EBI:

Eddie Bravo soon picked up the posting, and asked the general public for input in who they would like to see Mackenzie against at EBI. Some of the options offered:

Grace Gundrum – 13 year old 10th planet prodigy whose match was featured during the last EBI event.

Gezary Matuda – Matuda is fresh of her win in light featherweight category at worlds. She managed to finish in the last 10 seconds of the finale and place a choke on Kristina Barlaan. It would certainly be interesting and high paced.

Dominyka Obelenyte – 6x World champion under Marcelo Garcia would certainly make for an interesting pairing with Dern. The EBI ruleset could promise certain excitement in a matchup between winner of Female Absolute division at Worlds and Dern (who placed 3rd in the Absolute).

Ottavia Bourdain – This pick would bear the most similarity to what EBI has been doing with the men’s tournament. Bourdain is one of the Danaher crew, often seen in the company of Eddie Wolverine and Garry Tonon. A prominent female leglocker from the Danaher school would surely be fun to watch with someone who has the IBJJF system completely down .

Miesha Tate – Tate’s wrestling background would surely be an interesting pairing with Dern’s bjj skills however it’s highly unlikely to happen given that Miesha is the current reigning bantamweight champion.

Ronda Rousey – former bantamweight UFC champion (because internetz). Rousey would probably never take it but it sure would be interesting to watch. It would spark the fire in the Judo vs BJJ discussion.

Also mentioned: Kyra Gracie & Israeli judoka Yarden Gerbi.

Let us know in the comments who would you like to see facing Mackenzie Dern under EBI rules!