Lucas Lepri Shows How To Use An Underhook For Side Control Escape

Lucas Lepri Shows How To Use An Underhook For Side Control Escape

Escaping the sidecontrol is one of the biggest challenges any beginner faces and it’s paramount to mastering bjj or even just saying you have rudimentary skills.

Coming out of side control is no joke, especially when heavily outweighed by your opponent.

But how do you go about learning to escape a really tight sidecontrol?

Know that feeling of being crushed in Side Control? Yeah, not a pleasant one.

Not all Side Control escapes have to be based on Hip Escapes. Rather, there are plenty of opportunities when you can use the underhook escape as well.

Can’t escape Side Control the “usual way”? If that’s the case, you might have an opening for the underhook escape.
And it’s actually quite simple to do.

Lucas Lepri demonstrates the underhook Side Control escape technique on the video below:

See all the best ways to create space and find escapes from bottom, including pendulums, c grips, stand ups, underhooks, and more.

  • Get out of bottom position and right on the attack, with technical advice on how to set up omoplatas, ankle picks, back takes, and tons of other sweeps.
  • Lucas is one of the most precise and effective grapplers and coaches in the world, with 7 world titles of his own and many successful students.