Low-Risk Way To Become More Offensive In BJJ: Get Past Opponent’s Elbows

Low-Risk Way To Become More Offensive In BJJ: Get Past Opponent’s Elbows

Do you sometimes struggle to find attacking ideas in BJJ? As in, you’d like to be more offensive during a roll, but just can’t figure out how to go about it?
Well, here’s a neat (secret) tip from John Danaher: get past the opponent’s elbows:

If you ever get outside an opponent’s elbow, you will always gain at the very least an advantageous angle; and, quite possibly, access to his back as well.

Learning to get past your opponents elbows is a huge part of the game. You should several effective methods to quickly slip past an opponents elbow and get to an outside angle and threaten the back. This will create a situation where opponents will either risk having their back taken if they don’t respond adequately.
Or, if they do respond, their response will inevitably create fine attacking opportunities on the opposite side; as they are preoccupied with recovering angle, they won’t have the time and focus to defend the new direction of attack.

There’s a number of techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that will give you an opportunity to get outside of the opponent’s elbows. Just make sure that you apply them:

Drags, elbow posts, ducks, slidebys… They all are based on the notion of beating your opponents elbow. And, as a result, create angle and back exposure that pays handsome dividends in Jiu-Jitsu.

Make sure you threaten getting past your opponents elbows as often as possible. It’s a low-risk, high reward pathway to more effective offense in Jiu-Jitsu.


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