Lessons From GSP: Don’t Wait For An Opportunity To Start Preparing For It

Lessons From GSP: Don’t Wait For An Opportunity To Start Preparing For It
Image Credits: Georges St-Pierre Instagram

If you ever get an opportunity to learn from someone who is extremely good at what they do, you should take it. And Brian Glick has taken that opportunity, by learning from one of his training partners – Georges St-Pierre.

Glick has been training with GSP for over 13 years now. But what’s been the most important lesson he learned from the legendary fighter?
He revealed in an Instagram post from 2019:

Over all that time, I’ve learned a lot from his approach and example. There are a million things to share, but one of the most meaningful is this: if we wait for an opportunity to arise and *then* start our preparations, we‘ll always be a day late and a dollar short.

Always learning and growing, he’s well-known as a model of preparation par excellence.

For Glick, GSP is an amazing example of not just physical preparedness, but also of immense mindset strength:

Our present landscape may be barren and desolate, no oasis or landmark in sight. Immediate results, acknowledgement or progress aren’t easily perceptible.

This is why it takes an uncommon discipline and focus to visualize and prepare for what’s to come. GSP is a perfect model here, an expert who prepares well in advance of any sort of opportunity actually presenting itself.

We don’t often find opportunities for true growth, progress or advancement without having already carved out a space for them.


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