Leg Lock Academy Defending Honor After Accusations

Leg Lock Academy Defending Honor After Accusations



Leg Lock Academy’s Alan Belcher found the time to construct a long-form response to last week’s accusations by a member of the Renzo Gracie team, Matt Kaplan. Initially he responded with this comment:


But now he is taking his time to construct an elaborate response:

“I always reflect and make sure I’m doing the right thing, ”  Belcher claimed ” I’m a 100% confident that what I do, anything I put out, I think about value first.”

It seems Alan Belcher is aware that some of the critique (in spite of claiming he hasn’t seen Kaplan’s video) stands, he argues:

“Obviously, a beginner video is not gonna help seasoned black belt world champion competitor as much as it will the beginner people. Either way I’m happy with what I put out and I don’t even waste time with haters hating on my stuff” – Belcher elaborated in a 20 minute video that was just released.

“People that hate and blame and look to criticize just aren’t my type of people. I just don’t mix well with them. ” Belcher continued, arguing that associating with critics hurts his development

On The cavaca lock video which caught the brunt of the flack:

“Several times I’ve had haters hate on me for giving away free information. For expecting nothing in return… I just put it out there. The thing was, it was a leglock, The cavaca lock. I love naming things that’s why I love Eddie Bravo’s system.”

Belcher adds he was thought this technique by Max Bishop in the late 90s:

“I just thought (the name) sounded cool. It’s one of the most painful, powerful locks that will break your foot.” Belcher further clarified he’s not a bjj competition grappler ”  I wanted to show this move first. It’s like one of my best techniques, now, I’m not a competition bjj or a competition grappler any more.”

Oh and Belcher, who tagged Matt Kaplan in the comment posted above even goes on to claim he doesn’t remember the name of his critic any more:

“Anyone that had anything negative at all to say, and there wasn’t much there was this one guy – I don’t even remember what his name was but .. they were just, I think they misinterpreted, they think it’s a straight foot lock. Or they think it’s the move Aoki used in his fight… “

Belcher went on to claim the Cavaca lock is not the Aoki lock

“It’s it’s own move and it’s crazy if people would just open their mind and learn something new. The worst thing you can do is criticize someone and stop learning. You never ever know enough. Not that I’m a know it all. “

You can watch the two locks here side by side and decide for yourself:

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In spite of not watching Mat Kaplan‘s blast video, Belcher responded to the part of it where his leg lock credentials were questioned due to holding a single leg lock victory –  toe hold triumph over Evert Fyeet in WEF from 2006.

“So silly, first off. That has nothing to do with it. One of the coolest people to teach people this day and age John Danaher, I don’t think he’s ever competed ever. And he’s an amazing instructor he has a killer team. I have huge respect for that guy so I don’t think competition makes you an instructor and I never said I was the best. But that can be something that can be criticized… but I’m just trying to put something together really good that people could like and that could help people.”

Full 20 minute video response is available here:


Kaplan removed the blast video but followed it up with this posting 2 days ago:



Kaplan also recently quoted Tom DeBlass‘ quote about him:

“You either love Matt Kaplan or you hate him. I love him. His intentions are good, I’ll tell you that.”